bet365 - Overview of bet365 betting company


On the site of the office of any official information on the above issues can not be found. What a paradox. Neither contact details, nor legal or physical address of the company, nor information about the license to conduct betting activities. The only thing which is proudly displayed in the "Collaboration" section is a single e-mail address. It's probably the address, where one can write with any questions... In a word, there are neither basic nor additional requisites, which are considered to be the minimum acceptable in the business world. The same goes for the bet365 BOOKMAKER website.

It is because of these and some other reasons, which will be discussed below, that all independent bookmakers' ratings give BOOKMAKER "bet365" the lowest score or even include this bookmaker's office in the list of "black". In other words, it is not recommended to cooperate with such organizations, as it can be dangerous for your accounts and the money stored on them.

Just by going to the main page and a couple of links, the vast majority of users have the impression that they got in the period of the birth of the Internet and web building. Of course, the design is not the most important thing. The most important are odds, event coverage, Live betting, etc. But when the market is full of excellent offers from local and even more so foreign bookmakers, then few will use the services of a BOOKMAKER, which has such an unsightly face on the web and do not even bother to place on their, mind you, the official (!) Contact page. In short, no one has cancelled the adage that one meets the clothes: the activities of bet365 leaves much to be desired.

In terms of navigation, according to users, the site is also uncomfortable. Reports that errors in the registration process occur are not isolated. We can only guess at the level and quality of the mobile application of this betting company, although it is announced on the main page of the resource.

There is a section "Statistics" and "Results", but they are made, judging by all appearances, as they are called "for the ticks". As noted by the clients of bet365 the official site of the office is noticeably inferior to the sites of competitors. On the site of bet365 the results of sporting events can be found in the relevant section.

These are just the usual tables, in the vast majority of cases not even clickable on the names of teams. And in the above example, if you suddenly want to click on the name of the team in the Premier League (!) of the English soccer championship and see more detailed information, you simply can't do it. As we see, the bookmaker bet365 has very poor statistical data.

The only slight plus is that the bookmaker's bet365 official website is decorated in light colors and does not tire the eyesight. In addition, there is a site on the site of bet365 betting company toto.

Event coverage is quite good, the level of odds are also on average in relation to other bookmakers from the former Soviet Union. But here's the problem, you just can't look through this line ... Such a strange "logic" of the management of this office. If you try to select events and just look through the odds, be it from the normal lineup or from the Live betting section, you will definitely be offered to register on the site and the line will not be shown. There is a way out, but even an experienced user may not notice it at once, so what about the newcomers? Concludes in the need to select the "tick" at the top of the list of events with the name "In viewing mode", only then you can get to such "secret" quotes of bet365.

So, the short conclusion on this part of the review - the spread and the odds are not worse than the average among the domestic office, but only registered users can view the line, which is terribly inconvenient.

If you carefully read the rules of betting company, which only few people do, and then in cases of conflict with the office, you can find a very "interesting" point about live betting.

So, paragraph 6.11 says: "No complaints about Live bets accepted". It turns out that no matter what problematic situation has arisen, whether there was an error in staff, equipment, etc., etc. bookmaker office will in any case be right and your complaint or appeal will not even be considered. Although, on the other hand, what can you expect, if the site has only one contact and that is an incomprehensible e-mail. As some forum users joke sadly about bookmaker companies: "How could they even put the rules on the site?!"